Computer Architecture and Microelectronics Laboratory


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The field of research of Computer Architecture and Operating Systems brings together two key areas of Computer Science. These activities are aimed at training doctors and teachers in computer science field. From the academic point of view, the line offers courses to supplement the training of graduates, thus preparing them for conducting research in these areas of computing. Apart from this training, the research line interacts with other groups in the program to increase the development-oriented architectures for specific applications and operating systems to define and implement simple, efficient and reliable for these architectures, and finally develop models to assess the performance of various systems. Currently, research in parallel processing have earned a prominent position in the projects of the line of architecture and operating systems COPPE. Despite the performance gain that can be achieved with the application of this concept on several levels, new problems arise, requiring a complete reassessment of the techniques traditionally employed in the treatment of predominantly sequential processing systems. The Computer Architecture and Microelectronics Laboratory is part of the Systems Engineering and Computer Science Program of COPPE/UFRJ. The laboratory is located in the Center of Technology of Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, building H, room H-314-10.

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